14th Dec '21

Young People Volunteering at The Wayz

The Wayz volunteer program has been successfully running throughout this term with young people coming back to take part in more volunteer opportunities as Covid restrictions have released. This is a vital part of our service and something that The Wayz is very proud of. This term we have been able to support some members from our Hangout group to build their skills and understanding around volunteering. This has included learning basic money skills and counting, setting up activities, working as a team, and reflecting on how they have done, but also reflecting on others. This has been a very positive aspect of the programme over the last few weeks and something we are encouraged to continue and develop in the next few months. The Wayz relies on volunteers both young people and adults and I would like to share thanks for their contributions. 


Hangout member, “I like volunteering because I like working in the coffee bar and I like helping the staff do the activities. My favourite thing is counting the money at the end of the session to see how much we have made”.