14th Dec '21

Junior Session

Junior session (Tuesdays 8yrs- end of Yr 6) has welcomed in some new staff and new volunteers to add to the existing team. The programme has been great so far, it has catered for lots of different young people. We are really pleased with the range of activities and the young peoples’ engagement throughout the last term. It’s clear not everyone is into sports, but everyone can be active so the picture shows a great example of young people being very loud and energetic and gaining exercise through a team challenge, which results in very hectic  and fun sessions. We are now planning our trip to ice-skating which everyone is very excited about. 



YP “I like coming to The Wayz because I can meet my friends outside of school and I have made new friends. We can buy some sweets and just hang out, my favourite thing to do is going in the sports hall because I like playing football and dodgeball.”