Get involved

Our goal is to create a diversified partnership funding model to achieve our aims; working across the public, private and voluntary sectors for the benefit of  young people.  You can be part of this long term plan to invest in the future of Berkshire in many ways including:

  • contributing funding either to a specific activity or to the core costs of running an Inspired Facility or Berkshire Youth more widely
  • volunteering to support Berkshire Youth either at one of our Inspired Facilities or help with the core task of running the organisations (e.g. administration or organising skills).  We are particularly keen to find new Trustees to serve on our Board, including Trustees with skill in fundraising and writing funding applications, promotion and PR, legal knowledge, or Health & Safety
  • getting involved in fundraising events and challenges
  • providing in-kind support, e.g. if your business supplies equipment or material we can use in activities for young people or in running Berkshire Youth

With your help we can do so much more.