Our Story

Established  on 16th February 1966, The Wayz was built as a purpose built youth centre; in order to offer activities and opportunities to those with the surrounding communities.

There are numerous projects available in order to cater for a wider variety of young people. These young people are from  the local area and further afield and they have attended in order to enjoy and partake in leisure time activities, as well as gain the opportunity to try new things they are  part of a process  which is designed to develop each young person in regards to their own needs and aspirations. This provides an arena to help support young people gain confidence and understanding when dealing with current issues and challenges in their lives.

Current Projects Running consist of, Juniors, Inters, Seniors, Chill Out, Hang Out, Saturday Project, Volunteer Programme and Day Camps. 

The focus of The Wayz has continued as a centre which enables and empowers young people to engaged and take ownership at a number of responsibilities. The young people continue to drive the programmes which are important to them. Through activities and informal discussions, the young people have contributed in identifying topics and create a programme which helps tackle the challenges but also offers opportunities for young people to attend and have fun. Through discussions the young people have had individually, or as groups they have been enabled to identify their own needs; as well as impact on the community around them and the centre. The previous year has allowed the team here to witness some great events and activities; therefore, further contributing to the existing journeys our young people are having. But also, highlighting the potential to other young people and community stakeholders of the opportunities which are/can be offered by The Wayz and its young people. This has resulted in new members, fluency of transitions and investments from within the community.

Encouraging involvement in the programme and taking on responsibilities is part of the service provided .This prevents young people being excluded from the group or programme. The young people have interests so it is the work of the staff to encourage young people to exercise that interest in some form which integrates the group and benefits the young people.

The Wayz continues to engage in partnership working; linking up and working with different agencies in order to create a strong relationship and optimise the development offer to young people. Work with the youth service, family support, Youth offending services, Children’s Social Care, Access to Play and local schools. The Wayz has established its presence in the community as an institution which is able to work with young people in a safe and positive manner. Our service has been utilised as a great resource for these young people. Some of these young people have been encouraged to get involved and have again, taken the opportunities to attend volunteer projects and take ownership over the session and are now regular attendees of the centre. 

All sessions have engaged in programmes that included activities and topical workshops. These include; Healthy lifestyles, personal hygiene, food hygiene, positive relationships, life skills, employability, sexual health, drugs and alcohol awareness, self-esteem and confidence, volunteering and leadership. Some of which have enabled the team to invite external specialist workers to help support the programmes and young peoples’ learning.